BilliePearl Is a non-profit organization created to empower at-risk youth, their families & vulnerable communities. We assist with establishing the building blocks of success in education, career advancement & upward mobility. Solutions that address the multitude of circumstances that hinder success. Bridging the equity gap for at-risk youth, their families & vulnerable communities. At-risk youth & all young people face challenges where education, financial stability and healthy living (both mentally & physically) can change their outcomes. We strive provide access, opportunity, motivation & community to the people. 

Community Barbecue
(Backpack and school supplies give away)
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communities need better jobs

    There are many ways to approach change in the black community. Beyond the necessities of life, we need more investment in our people for leadership roles. This type of investment has a multitude of benefits for our communities.

BIPOC- what does it mean?

Much of our work is focused around BIPOC communities. The needs are many and diverse, lets shed some light on the term.

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Business Partnerships-

Lets make an impact together!

Business donations build communities and bottom lines. Social capital goes a long ways in building a profitable business.


Give Back-

The joy in giving?

(Personal Philanthropy)

Take a look at our new initiatives and funding opportunities for 2021. We endeavor to build sustainable programs that have lasting impacts.